Our Service


We will select the best slewing bearing for your application and usage.

Special requirement

We design and manufacture that meets special usage conditions and specification requirements.


We will manufacture replacement parts, substitutes, equivalent products you are using.


You can order from 1 piece.

Short lead time

Made-to-order from 2 months
※Depends on specifications


We repair and overhaul bearings. It is OK with other companies' one.

Slewing bearings are not standardized, so we generally sell customized model to match the uses of customer by make-to-order. And to meet the growing request for short delivery recently, we have begun to sell the slewing bearing, J-series, which is general-purpose, short lead time, semi-custom. to meet a lot of requests of short delivery recently.

Manufacturable Range

※Please contact us if it has O.D.φ3000mm over.
Bearing TypeSingle row ball type(four-point angular contact thrust ball bearing)
Gear TypeInternal Gear(SI)・External Gear(SO)・Without Gear(SN)
Special TypeWith Sprocket, Worm wheel, V-belt pulley, With Dust-proof Seal,
Heat-resisting, Special thrust bearing, Plating for clean room
Pinion, Frame, Plate, Spacer, etc. Manufacture ofAccessory
Precisione.g.) Surface Deviation from 20μ, Clearance 0 from Negative Clearance

Model Code

①SI: Internal Gear, SO: External Gear, SN: without Gear
② Inner Diameter(mm)
③ Serial Number

Reference Data

Please refer to the dimension lists on the download page for your selection.
(※The list is an excerpt.)

Slewing Bearing Internal Gear
Slewing Bearing External Gear
Slewing Bearing without Gear