Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearings are used in the swiveling areas of various type of machineries, e.g.

Futures of Slewing Bearing

  • A slewing bearing can receive thrust loads, radial loads, and moments at the same time.
Type of load

Axial Load (Fa )
The load applied perpendicularly to the bearing is the total weight of the upper rotating body, the weight of the lifted object, the balance weight, etc.

Radial Load (Fr )
Load applied horizontally to the bearing, such as gear meshing force, wind pressure, inertia of the upper body, etc.

Moment/Tilting Torque(M )
Total load obtained by integrating the distance between the point of application of Fa and Fr and the center of the bearing shaft on Fa and Fr, respectively.

*Depending on the usage, it is necessary to take into account the load coefficient (impact coefficient).

Type of Load
  • Gears are machined directly on either the outer ring or the inner ring, simplifying the structure of the rotating part.
  • Through-holes or tapped holes for bearing installation are machined in the outer ring and inner ring, making it easy to assemble and remove the bearing.
  • Since it is compatible with large sizes, it is possible to obtain reliable turning motion with low torque even with larger loads.
  • We can manufacture to order, so you can use your own slewing bearing to suit your design and specifications.
Slewing Bearing Internal Gear
Slewing Bearing External Gear
Slewing Bearing without Gear