We sell the slewing bearings of the wide use and the semi-custom-made as our standard model, to meet many requests from the customers.You will be able to get it in 1-2 weeks after your ordered.
We prepare 3 models of inner gear type, 5 models of external gear type, total 8 models of wide use.

Please see the details on J-series catalog on the download page or our stock page.

About J-series

Our Original Standard Models

A Slewing bearing is generally make to order because it is not standardized. We serialized them by our original standard to easy to use for customer. So it achieved a low price by small-lot and short delivery time.

Customization and Additional Processing

Mounting holes and the position of grease nipple can be manufactured according to customer’s request. And it is possible to make an additional processing such as a centering location and a knock pin hole by manufacture.

Quickest Lead-time

J-series are in stock for products, so we can ship just make the final processing such as mounting holes after your order. At the shortest, that will be sent out within a week.
※When it is out of stock, it takes a time period of a week or more.
※If you need two or more unit, please contact me in advance.

Ordering Flow Chart

Send us an order sheet.
Please specify mounting holes and the position of grease nipple.
We check it and give the drawing.
We will quote that including an additional processing. We can give the drawing data (DXF file).
Please confirm the drawing and order it.
Please send us a purchase order and the drawing you checked.
We manufacture the additional processing and the final processing.
It takes for one or two weeks.
We will deliver the finished product to you.