We solve various problems regarding slewing mechanisms, e.g., parts procurement, development and design.

SENSHU BEARING SERVICE can live up to the various requests, high-precision, special form, large-size, small quantity, short delivery, low price, etc. from every customer for the purpose of increasing use of Slewing bearing.
We are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our services and the questions of the bearings. Our staff will happily to help you with your questions. Please contact us for more information.

Slewing Bearing

Slewing Drive

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Slewing bearings are not standardized, so we generally sell customized model to match the uses of customer by make-to-order.

The slewing drive is an assembly made by manufacturing worm wheel ring, worm shaft, housing into a finished gearbox.

Our company has been growing up with the bearing industry in Senshu area (South-Osaka area) for 50 years, since we opened a bearing shop in Sakai-City, Osaka in 1967.


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