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Features & Applications


Futures of Slewing Bearing

  • A single slewing ring can withstand thrust radial, and moment loads at the same time. For the reason it can be simplify and lighten the part of the slewing-structure beside it can be sharply saved in cost.

  • Generally speaking, as the slewing bearing is direct processed of gear on either the inner or outer ring, can be driven and slewed by a pinion. For the reason it can be simplify and lighten the part of the slewing-structure besides it can be sharply saved in cost.
  • Mounting or tapping holes on both inner and outer rings enable the slewing bearings to be easily mounted and dismounted, this reduces the need of maintenance as well as contributes to the compactness in the designs of the machinery in which the slewing bearings are to be used.

Application Examples of Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearings are used in the swiveling areas of various type of machineries, e.g.

-Construction building machinery such as power shoveles, truck-mounted cranes

-Freight handling machinery

-Industrial machines and robots etc.

The latest date,the precision slewing bearing comes into widely use int the field of the medical instrument such as C.T.scan and in the field of the machine tools such as Grinder.

Construction building machinery Industrial machinery Precision machinery
Power shovel

Attachment product


Earth auger

Tunnelling machine

Boring machine



Vehicle for work at height

Special vehicle

Wind turbine generator

Turntable for parking

Inspection stands for rockets, automobiles

Materials handling equipment

Mesuring and conveying devices

Rotary devices for the food industry

Steel processing facilities

Wire drawing winding

Grinding of bore of long length piping


lift rotary devices

Revolving stage

Vertical use turn table bearings for robots for facilities

Precision turntable for positioning

Grinding machines for LCD

Injection molding machines

Index table

Medical equipment

Radar facilities

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