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Slewing Bearing

Slewing Bearing

Slewing bearings are not standardized, so we generally sell customized model to match the uses of customer by make-to-order. And to meet the growing request for short delivery recently, we have begun to sell the slewing bearing, J-series, which is general-purpose, short lead time, semi-custom. to meet a lot of requests of short delivery recently.

  • We will select the best slewing bearing, if you tell us your requirements.
  • We will design and manufacture the slewing bearing according to special use or request.
  • We will manufacture the substitute slewing bearing which you use now.
  • We will make to order just one for the model. And we will provide it in the shortest delivery time.
  • We can repair or overhaul your slewing bearing made by another company.

Scope of manufacture

Diameter I.D.φ60~O.D.φ3000mm ※Please contact us if it has O.D.φ3000mm over.
Form Single row ball type(four-point angular contact thrust ball bearing)
Gear Type Internal Gear(SI)・External Gear(SO)・Without Gear(SN)
Special Type With Sprocket, Worm wheel, V-belt pulley, With Dust-proof Seal,

Heat-resisting, Special thrust bearing, Plating for clean room

Pinion, Frame, Plate, Spacer, etc. Manufacture of Accessory

Precision e.g.) Surface Deviation from 20μ, Clearance 0 from Negative Clearance
Lead time  【Make to order】 For 75-120 days after an order *Please confirm before your order.

 Model Code

Single-Raw Ball type


①SI: Internal Gear, SO: External Gear, SN: without Gear

② Inner Diameter(mm)

③ Serial Number

Reference Data

pdficon_large Sample Size Data [Japanase](PDF:1.2MB)

*Catalog containing an excerpt of model


Drawing Sample



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