We deliver custom-engineered slewing components worldwide, specializing in slewing bearings. Download product information or request a catalog.

SENSHU BEARING SERVICE can live up to the various requests, high-precision, special form, large-size, small quantity, short delivery, low price, etc. from every customer for the purpose of increasing use of Slewing bearing.

We are sure that you will be quite satisfied with our services and the questions of the bearings. Our staff will happily to help you with your questions. Please contact us for more information.


The Summer Holidays

August 1st, 2016
We would like to inform you that we would be having Summer Holidays from Thursday the 11th of August 2016 to Tuesday the 16th of August 2016.

Redesigned our website

April 16th, 2015

We redesigned our website. I hope you will find the information useful.

Line-up expansion of stock model

Mar, 2015

We have stocks of small size or medium size under 1000mm and the equivalents of NSK. We added to line-up. Please consider us in the future for all your needs. As for more information concerning Stock page.

Our company’s relocation

May 1st, 2012

Following our company’s relocation, our address have changed.
≪New Address≫
1159-1, 1cho, Yamada, Nishi-ku, Sakai-city, Osaka 593-8316

*Phone number and fax number have not changed.


Beginning sales of “J-series”

January 5th, 2012

We will commence sales of the slewing bearing, J-series which is general-purpose, short lead time, semi-custom.
For more information,see the J-series page below.



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